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Q: Is it advisable to buy a vacation home while still on vacation?

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford buying a home in New York City or New Jersey, chances are you might have the funds needed to take a nice vacation once in a while. It’s probably not a stretch to say that while you’re away having the time of your life, you might discuss buying a vacation home in that idyllic location. On impulse, you might even see a real estate broker before you return home.

New York and New Jersey real estate attorneys often hear from clients who just enjoyed a wonderful vacation and –  high off the amazing experience – impulsively want to buy a second home at the vacation destination.

Making a major real estate decision when you’re on vacation is a bad idea. At a minimum, those considering buying a second home based on having a great week at the location need to step back and carefully consider the potential long-term consequences:

  • you probably won’t get there as often as you think;
  • when you do get there, you’ll be spending time on repairs and maintenance instead of fun;
  • the mortgage, property taxes, and maintenance and overall costs are always more than you anticipate;
  • if it’s an investment property, tenants will want to go at the peak times you would;
  • if it’s not being rented, is it worth the carrying costs for the amount of time you’ll use it;
  • going to the same place every vacation will get boring;
  • it’s fun now, but will this vacation home suit your family’s future lifestyle;
  • will it be as enjoyable without maid- or room-service and when you have to grocery shop, cook and clean;
  • will you be in trouble if the real estate value does not increase on the investment?

This isn’t meant to discourage you. Buying a vacation home can be a wonderful thing and a smart investment as long as you give serious consideration to the above factors—and see a skilled real estate attorney—before signing that contract.

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