New York & New Jersey Real Estate Sale Attorney

We’ve bought and sold homes ourselves, so we understand the importance of assembling an experienced team to find and secure the right buyer for your home. Your decision to relocate your family cannot be left to chance, especially when a new home or apartment hangs in the balance. Relying on buyers who are virtual strangers to make sure you’re not wasting your time packing can be stressful. With the right legal team, however, you can focus on moving your life forward.

At Merlino & Gonzalez, we believe the experience of selling your home should be remembered as fondly as the years you spent creating memories there…

Which is why we created our Real Estate Sales Road Map!

  • Step 1

For NY properties, have your realtor send us the Binder/Term Sheet.
For NJ properties, have your realtor send us the fully signed Broker prepared Contract.

  • Step 2

Review and sign our retainer letter and seller’s information form, so that we have all relevant details about your home.

  • Step 3

For NY properties, after the prospective purchaser completes their home inspection, our attorneys, along with your realtor, negotiate any repairs to be completed. Then, we prepare a contract and forward it to the purchaser’s attorney.
For NJ properties, once we conclude the Attorney Review Period, which finalizes your contract, we’ll ensure that the purchaser delivers their deposit monies and conducts a home inspection in a timely fashion.

  • Step 4

We will aggressively monitor that your purchaser complies with all contractually agreed upon deadlines. Everything from applying for financing and conducting an inspection to delivering deposit monies and ordering appraisals, title work, and surveys will be done as agreed upon.

  • Step 5

If you’re buying at the same time you’re selling, we’ll coordinate your sale with the closing of your subsequent purchase.

  • Step 6

Start packing! Or, if you want to avoid the boxes and tape, throw everything out and start from scratch in your new home!

  • Step 7

Enjoy a smooth closing completed in under an hour.
( Some pizza places don’t deliver that quickly. )

Our Agreement with you

We understand the leap of faith it takes to trust us with the responsibility of helping your family sell a home and relocate. But you need an experienced team working to ensure your closing date gets closer, not further away. To give you security and peace of mind, we agree at our office that:one. Therefore at our office, we agree that…

  • You will always feel welcome and never rushed.
  • You will be greeted with a hot cup of coffee and a warm atmosphere.
  • You will be entering a courteous and respectful environment.
  • You will find a full jar of candy in our reception area.
  • Phone calls will be answered by a live human being familiar with your concerns and messages will be returned within 24 hours.
  • All consultations will be conducted by an attorney.
  • All documents will be revised and updated until you are fully satisfied.
  • You will have a clear understanding of the process of selling real estate following your in person and phone consultations with us.
  • We will make sure that the closing date is convenient for you as well as coordinate it with your new purchase, if applicable.
  • We will provide you with constant updates regarding the status of the buyer’s loan application so that you can plan your move accordingly.
  • You will be provided with an easy to understand progress report which explains the real estate selling process.
  • You will have access to an attorney for ongoing counseling before and after the closing.
  • You will be given a flexible schedule for booking appointments.
  • We will conduct the closing at a date, time, and place that is convenient for you.
  • We will provide you with the option of not attending the closing.
  • We will badger your purchaser’s lender and title company to order and deliver the appraisal, survey, and title report, so that the transaction moves along quickly and smoothly with any potential obstacles being identified and resolved early on so as to not delay your closing.

Let Us Be Your Guide!

  • Send us that Binder/Term Sheet so we can lock up that qualified buyer for you!
  • Time to sell and take advantage of the current high prices!

The first time around you just had to worry about buying a new home. Now you may have to worry about selling and buying! Don’t worry, we will coordinate all of that! Leave it to us.

And, at your option as our client, we offer a FREE 13 month Choice Plus Plan Home Warranty from Choice Home Warranty (1 or 2 family properties only) to either (1) your purchaser as an incentive for them to sign a contract, or (2) to you, for any future purchase where we represent you.

Follow our path to avoid…

  • Delayed contracts that cause your buyer to choose another home.
  • Not offering a warranty, scaring buyers away.
  • The closing dates of your sale and subsequent purchase not being coordinated so that you are forced to move into a hotel, or worse….with relatives!
  • Entering into a contract with a purchaser dealing with a lender that we know through experience will not get the deal closed.
  • Not taking advantage of the current high prices!
  • Losing out on that new home you wanted or that perfect apartment.

What are you waiting for! Life is about change! LET’S GET MOVING!

After you move…
Then What?

  • Make new friends.
  • Explore your new neighborhood.
  • Check out new restaurants and shops.
  • Spend hours popping bubble wrap!
  • Trick friends and family into helping you unpack (wine helps).
  • Begin the next chapter in your life.

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Merlino & Gonzalez help residents of New York & New Jersey with their real estate sale needs. Since their primary office is in Staten Island, they receive a lot of clients there as well as in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, & The Bronx.