John Merlino is the best attorney on Staten Island

John Merlino and his team are incredible. John has represented me and my family many times and has always made me feel at ease, comfortable, and confident. John is very calm and pleasant but don’t let that fool you. John is so knowledgeable and such a true expert in his field that you sometimes don’t realize his exceptional skill until the closing. The legal issues with buying and selling a home are complicated. Well before closing, John brought things to my attention that I would never have known about or even thought were concerning. You realize the importance of choosing the right attorney when such issues come up, and there are always issues. With John representing me, I felt confident that my interests were protected throughout the entire experience.

Nothing gets past John in the legal process before the closing so that when you sit down at the closing table there are no surprises, no last minute stressful decisions, no make or break added expenses -none of that. John is a professional and has so much experience that my closing was relaxing, pleasant and smooth; Very predictable which is much appreciated especially when your life’s savings are involved. That can only happen if your attorney is engaged in your transaction from start to finish, has the ability to communicate professionally with everyone involved in your transaction, has an efficient and dedicated staff, and has the experience and knowledge to detect issues before they become expensive, out of control deal breakers. That attorney is John Merlino. I think John Merlino is the best attorney on Staten Island, maybe anywhere, and he’s definitely my attorney for life. Thank you John Merlino!

— Therese Romanelli
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Staten Island and New Jersey Real Estate Attorneys

The real estate attorneys at Merlino & Gonzalez in Staten Island have helped hundreds of clients make wise decisions when it comes to commercial and residential real estate transactions. We’ve represented buyers, sellers, renters, and investors throughout New York and New Jersey, drafting the documents they need and engaging in productive negotiations.

Our history of successful representation has earned us a reputation for outstanding client services and some of the best legal knowledge around.

Real Estate Services We Provide In Staten Island & New Jersey

As real estate attorneys, we’re committed to assisting our clients by protecting both their legal and financial interests. We provide responsive, personalized legal representation whether you are:

  • Seeking a larger space for your growing family or business.
  • In need of properly drafted real estate documents.
  • Shopping for a mortgage for a new home.
  • Investing in commercial real estate.
  • Planning to sell your residential or commercial property.
  • Negotiating a lease or a contract.

No matter your goal, we promise you’ll find us easy to work with and determined to meet your needs as efficiently as possible.

Residential Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant financial transactions a person will undertake in their lifetime. As such, is can certainly be exciting, but also overwhelming—especially if it’s your first time buying or selling. You may have to deal with varying interest rates and complexities related to taxes, title searches, and home inspections, and if you’re unfamiliar with any of these, you might make some costly mistakes.

That’s why having a competent real estate attorney at your side throughout the process is invaluable. If you contact one of our offices, we can answer any questions you have and discuss your best options. You can rely on us to be straightforward, so you’ll gain a full understanding of how things work. You can also count on us to handle all the necessary documents and details, so you don’t have to stress over wondering if you’re doing things the right way.

Aspects of Residential

There are several distinct parts of residential real estate, all of which our real estate attorneys are equipped to help you with. These include:

Real Estate Sales 

Because we represent buyers, sellers, and financial institutions, we’re savvy about real estate sales from every angle. We can facilitate the transfer of property while protecting you from making common mistakes. We know all the right questions to ask in order to make sure you don’t get stuck on the bad end of a deal, such as by ending up with a property that has hidden flaws, encountering a zoning issue, or being taken advantage of by a buyer who knows how anxious you are to sell.


Closing a real estate deal is the end product of all the negotiations, inspections, title searches, and mortgage agreements. And though it’s arguably the most exciting part of the process, it can also be a major source of stress. But with one of our real estate attorneys helping you out, the closing process becomes much easier, because we’ve already ensured that you have all the necessary papers drafted, reviewed, and ready to be signed.

Construction Contracts

You may have heard horror stories about construction contracts that went awry, and might be worried that you, too, could fall victim to a disreputable or unprofessional contractor. But our attorneys have your back even from this angle. We know how to draft a construction contract with no loopholes for anyone to try and take advantage of. We’ll make sure that your contractor is legally bound to meet deadlines and do satisfactory work, or suffer the consequences of not adhering to those binding commitments.


With leases, as with other contracts, the devil is in the details. Our real estate attorneys can make certain that any lease you sign leaves no room for misunderstandings or ambiguities.

Mortgage Transactions

The mortgages that enable private homes to be financed are secured by the home itself. In other words, the home is collateral for the debt and may, in extreme circumstances, be repossessed through foreclosure if a mortgage can’t be paid. Whether you’re the buyer, the seller, or the lender, no one wants a default situation to happen. So our attorneys will research all sides of the impending deal to make sure the transaction makes sense for you.

Commercial Real Estate

At Merlino & Gonzalez, we handle all aspects of commercial real estate, from transactions involving land, to sales, purchases, and the leasing of a variety of developed properties. The following are a number of scenarios we deal with on a daily basis:

Purchase and Sale of Real Property

Real property is the land itself and anything directly attached to it, such as buildings, ponds, roads, canals, and firmly attached equipment (like lighting fixtures). Real property also includes anything growing or located on that land, such as vegetation, oil, or clay.


Developing property typically involves construction, renovation, or both. After helping you purchase or lease a property, our real estate attorneys will prepare contracts to protect you in connection with individuals or teams working on your development projects, such as architects, engineers, contractors, or landscapers.


Financing is at the core of every commercial real estate transaction. Our attorneys have the training and experience necessary to assess your financing options and help you determine the most cost-effective one according to your unique life situation.

Drafting and Negotiation of Leases

Once the amount of a lease has been negotiated, we’ll draft durable documents to lock in the final amount. We take special care during this process because we know these transactions must be handled with an eye for detail and legal durability. You can count on our real estate attorneys to make sure you understand the meaning of each document and that each one is drafted to protect your best interests.

Mortgage Issues

In commercial real estate, several concerns should be addressed when researching the best mortgage options, including:

  • Title clearance
  • Interest rates
  • Appraisals
  • Lender fees

With mortgages, as with all other aspects of commercial real estate, our attorneys will always be alert to any irregularities or maneuvers that could threaten the stability of the agreement.

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Whether you’re considering buying, selling, renting, or investing in residential or commercial real estate in Staten Island or elsewhere, it is essential to have an attorney on your side. Contact Merlino & Gonzalez today to see how our team can help you.

Merlino & Gonzalez help residents of New York & New Jersey with their real estate needs. Since their primary office is in Staten Island, they receive a lot of clients there as well as in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, & The Bronx.

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