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By John R. Merlino Jr. Esq.
Founding Attorney

It can be a difficult thing to watch an elderly parent struggle with memory issues. Unfortunately, it can advance to the point where it is safer for your parent to enter into memory care. Those seniors with memory issues, whether it be due to dementia, Alzheimer’s, or something else, can be best served in specialized facilities equipped to handle the complexities associated with caring for a person with memory issues. If you have concerns about when the right time to have your parent move to memory care, here are some signs you can watch for that may signal they are ready for the transition.

Signs Your Elderly Parent May Be Ready for Memory Care

As we age, we may struggle with memory problems. Even when we are younger, things can slip our minds. Just because you forgot where you put your keys or your cell phone does not mean you are in danger of memory loss. If your elder parent, however, is showing signs of advanced memory loss, then it may be time to look into memory care for them.

One sign that your elder parent may be ready for memory care is changes in cleanliness and hygiene practices. How is their living space being maintained? Is it cluttered? Is it dirty? There may even be a noticeable change in their own personal hygiene. Have they been bathing regularly? Do they look unkempt? These are all signs that your parent may be struggling to care for himself or herself and they may be related to memory loss.

Another scary sign that your elder parent may be ready for memory care is wandering. Has your parent wandered off and lost track of where he or she is going or where he or she is? Wandering off can clearly be dangerous and can also be a major warning sign of significant memory struggles.

Changes in personality can also be a sign of memory troubles for your elder parent. When a person is struggling with memory, it can impact their personality. It can make a person anxious, fearful, and defensive. Be on the lookout for these personality changes with your elderly parent as it could be a sign that memory struggles are advancing.

Forgetfulness is also, of course, a sign that it may be time for your parent to be moved to a memory care facility. As previously mentioned, we all forget things from time to time, but when there are repeated and significant lapses in memory, then this is a red flag. Forgetfulness at heightened levels can be dangerous. Consider, for instance, a parent that forgets to take medication or forgets to take it properly. This jeopardizes the parent’s health, safety, and well-being. Memory care can help keep your parent safe and on track with health demands when memory problems reach this level.

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