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What questions should I ask about a potential nursing home?

If your elderly loved one can no longer safely live alone, a nursing home may be the best place for your relative to receive the quality care he or she requires. Not all nursing homes are equal, however, and it is critically important that you thoroughly research the nursing homes you are considering. You will want to tour nursing homes in your area and ask many questions to determine which location is the best fit for your elderly loved one. For assistance with choosing and defraying nursing home costs, contact an elder law attorney.

Questions to Ask a Potential Nursing Home

When you visit a potential nursing home for the first time, it is wise to bring a list of questions with you to ask the facility. You should prepare another list of questions to consider with your loved one, such as whether the location is close enough to allow for visits. Some questions to ask the facility include:

  1. What is the staff to patient ratio? You will want to make sure the nursing home you choose is adequately staffed to provide the care your loved one needs. If your elderly loved one has significant medical needs, it will be all the more important to select a nursing home that is well staffed and has low turnover rates. Consistent staffing allows residents to feel secure and receive the best of care.
  2. What services do you offer? If your loved one suffers from a medical condition, he or she may need specialty care. Not all nursing homes are prepared for all conditions. Further, you may want to consider whether the nursing home is equipped to care for patients with dementia, as this could become an issue as your loved one ages.
  3. What kind of food do you serve and what activities do you offer? Food is critical to our health and wellbeing. You should ask the facility about the type and variety of food provided, as well as the meal schedule. Further, activities and friendships in a nursing home will enrich your elderly loved one’s life. You should ask the facility what steps they take to get residents involved and as active as possible.

Contact an elder law attorney for help with finding and funding the nursing home care your loved one needs.