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Which wellness design features do today’s home buyers want?

It’s a seller’s market at the moment in New York and New Jersey. Real estate attorneys have seen clients engage in frantic bidding wars in the quest for a new home as low mortgage interest rates and low inventory of houses have driven house prices up. And while sellers may not have to woo buyers to get a fair price, adding some trendy “wellness” upgrades to the home could bring an even higher offer to purchase.

If you’re interested in selling your home in New York or New Jersey, pandemic-inspired wellness designs in the kitchen, bath, and other areas of the house are making a big impact.

When “two weeks to flatten the curve” morphed into two years of some level of home-based isolation, the experience changed how people feel about their living spaces and what features they value in a home.

What are “Pandemic-inspired Wellness Designs?

Examples of pandemic inspired kitchen and bathroom trends include:

    • oversized pantry space and/or separate freezers to accommodate bulk shopping
    • updated ventilation/air filtration systems to reduce viral spread
    • hands-free/voice control technology for devices to reduce viral spread
    • sleek/low maintenance finishes simplifying sanitizing and reducing germ transmission
    • bidets in bathrooms for increased personal hygiene and cleanliness (and to decrease the need for sometimes scarce toilet paper)
    • hands-free/contactless faucets, light switches, and soap dispensers in kitchens and bathrooms to reduce viral spread.

In addition to bathroom and kitchen selling perks, living through a pandemic has made some features in other rooms go from luxuries to necessities. For example, an extra bedroom that can be used as a home office for remote work or a fitness space in the basement for a home gym would be attractive to many potential buyers. And an expanded outdoor living space with a pool, patio, fire pit, and/or an outdoor kitchen can really sell a home these days.

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