John Merlino is the best attorney on Staten Island

John Merlino and his team are incredible. John has represented me and my family many times and has always made me feel at ease, comfortable, and confident. John is very calm and pleasant but don’t let that fool you. John is so knowledgeable and such a true expert in his field that you sometimes don’t realize his exceptional skill until the closing. The legal issues with buying and selling a home are complicated. Well before closing, John brought things to my attention that I would never have known about or even thought were concerning. You realize the importance of choosing the right attorney when such issues come up, and there are always issues. With John representing me, I felt confident that my interests were protected throughout the entire experience.

Nothing gets past John in the legal process before the closing so that when you sit down at the closing table there are no surprises, no last minute stressful decisions, no make or break added expenses -none of that. John is a professional and has so much experience that my closing was relaxing, pleasant and smooth; Very predictable which is much appreciated especially when your life’s savings are involved. That can only happen if your attorney is engaged in your transaction from start to finish, has the ability to communicate professionally with everyone involved in your transaction, has an efficient and dedicated staff, and has the experience and knowledge to detect issues before they become expensive, out of control deal breakers. That attorney is John Merlino. I think John Merlino is the best attorney on Staten Island, maybe anywhere, and he’s definitely my attorney for life. Thank you John Merlino!

— Therese Romanelli
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