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Our Staten Island Real Estate Attorneys Can Help You In Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closings

Merlino & Gonzalez, a law practice with offices in New York and New Jersey, is comprised of dedicated attorneys and a strong administrative staff, all well-experienced in real estate matters. We represent buyers, sellers, renters, and investors in a variety of important real estate transactions, both commercial and residential, working closely with our clients to protect the legal and financial interests of each. Whether you are looking for more room as your company expands, need real estate documents drafted, are seeking a mortgage for a new home, or are looking to make an investment in commercial real estate, our attorneys will be pleased to assist you. Our in-depth knowledge and careful attention to detail will make you glad you put your trust in us.

Residential Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is, for many of us, the most significant financial transaction we undertake during our lifetime. While this can be an exciting time, without the proper legal guidance, the process can be frustrating, overwhelming and more expensive than necessary. It is always wise to have your own attorney, a professional working in the service of your particular interests.

We are able to offer you broad-based legal real estate advice and representation in the following transactions:

Real Estate Sales

Our lawyers have the in-depth knowledge of real estate law to facilitate a smooth transfer of property. They are also experienced and savvy enough to steer you away from common buyer and/or seller pitfalls, such as purchasing residential property adjacent to property zoned for commerce. We represent buyers, sellers and financial institutions in various real estate matters ranging from drafting a purchase and sale contract to obtaining the final title insurance policy, and make certain that all necessary deadlines are met.


Because the closing of a real estate deal is the culmination of active negotiations, inspections, title searches, and mortgage agreements, for many sellers and buyers it is a stressful time. Fortunately for you, when you work with our team, the closing should go as smoothly as the rest of your real estate deal since all documents have been drafted and reviewed with great care. You can rest assured that we will clarify the process for you as we go along.

Construction Contracts

Our attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of construction contracts and the ways in which, if they are not handled prudently, things can go terribly wrong. When you have Merlino & Gonzalez at your side, you can trust us to close up loopholes relative to the length of time involved, the defects and omissions that will not be tolerated, and the warranty that will cover the construction work.


Lease agreements also have to be airtight, so our attorneys devote time and attention to their details, while recognizing that there is less wiggle room in residential leases than in commercial ones. We are also available to negotiate and settle residential landlord-tenant disputes.

Mortgage-Based Financing Transactions

In most cases, residential real estate is financed through a mortgage secured by the home itself. The most common way to repay a secured mortgage loan is to make regular payments toward the principal and interest over a set period of time. In a sense, a mortgage is an asset-based loan, meaning that your home can be repossessed (foreclosed) by the lender if you default on your mortgage payments. Whether we represent you as the seller, the buyer, or the lender, we will ensure that your interests are protected.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate covers a broad range of issues -- everything from purchases of raw land to the sale or lease of different kinds of developed properties. At Merlino & Gonzalez, we are involved with every aspect of commercial real estate, including:

Purchase and Sale of Real Property

Real property includes the land itself and anything directly attached to it, such as buildings, ponds, roads, canals, and firmly attached equipment (e.g. lighting fixtures). Real property also includes anything growing on said land and all interests connected to it, for instance the right to drill for oil.


Real estate development may involve new construction or renovation, or a combination of the two. We can help you purchase or lease the property you need and are able to coordinate your legal concerns with the architect, engineer, or contractor working on your project.


Financing is an important part of every real estate transaction and our attorneys are prepared to help you assess your most cost-effective financing options.

Drafting and Negotiation of Leases

Negotiating sale or lease amounts and drafting durable documents for such transactions have to be handled carefully, with an eye to detail and legal durability. You can always count on our attorneys to make sure any documents you sign are worded precisely and that you understand the meaning of any paper you sign.

Mortgage issues

In commercial real estate, several concerns may arise involving mortgages, such as title clearance, interest rates, appraisals, and lender fees. At Merlino and Gonzalez, you can trust us to ensure you are well-protected from irregularities and maneuvers.

When you are considering buying, selling, renting or investing in commercial or residential real estate in New York or New Jersey, Merlino & Gonzalez is the law firm to contact. As any of our clients will tell you, we have maintained our personal small firm touch even when dealing with large scale projects and have retained our sense of integrity while fiercely advocating for our clients.

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