Karen Williams


Karen Williams has been working in law firms since 1989. She’s seen a world
of carbon copies and fax machines be replaced by one of emails and text
messages. No matter the technological climate, Karen’s diligence, precision,
and selflessness have been assets to whichever firm she’s called home. What
Karen enjoys most about her work is that every client is different and no two
days are alike.

We’re honored to have a paralegal with as much experience as Karen. Her
wisdom and perspective greatly enhance our team, and she’s still as passionate
about helping people as she was when she started. Leg warmers may have
gone the way of the dodo since the 80s, but Karen’s skills have only increased.
When she’s not working, Karen is most likely spending time with her family.
She’s married with two kids and loves a large family gathering.

Outside of the office Karen is a coach for the Special Olympics and travels to
many different events for both State and Citywide competitions. Her greatest
joy is watching the big smiles the individuals have when they accomplish an
event and step up on the podium to receive their medals.

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