Erin Curran

Title Officer

Erin Curran, a lifelong Staten Islander, grew up in Grant City. While she tried to leave by attending SUNY New Paltz, the pull of the Island called her back. In fact, she now lives down the street from her childhood home. These days, though, it’s with her son and dog. Her return might have had something to do with all the great pale ales here—Erin is Irish, after all. After heading back to the City, she graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Paralegal Studies. During her senior year, Erin had a son. You might think that would’ve slowed down her education, but she only missed four days of school to give birth, and graduated in May with a 3.75 GPA. This is a pretty staggering accomplishment, and she’s rightfully proud of it.

These days, Erin is a title officer for MGM Gotham Abstract LLC, a career that would’ve been the furthest thing from her mind while she was growing up. She’s been a waitress, cook, bartender, shirt engraver, and house cleaner. If you can name it, Erin probably did it. Twelve years ago, she got a call asking to join a title company. Honestly, Erin had no clue what that meant, but she knew it was a full-time job that would pay the bills. With zero experience, she became a sponge, soaking up information by listening, watching, and doing whatever was asked of her. At this point, she’s an expert. Sometimes, she secretly wishes she knew a little less, so she didn’t have to correct people when they’re mistaken (if you know Erin, you know she’s no fan of confrontation). What she does love, however, is the relationship she has with her clients and the family she’s grown to be a part of at work. While she never would’ve predicted her path, she wouldn’t change it for the world.

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